Montgomery County: Acidified Canned Foods Training & General Food Safety Training for MS Certified Farmers' Market Vendors and the Cottage Food

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
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9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Registration open through 2/17/2023 10:59 PM Central Time (US & Canada)


Producers of acidified foods (salsas, sauces, pickled products, etc.) are highly encouraged to receive training in the specific requirements and procedures for selling these products. The Acidified Canned Foods Training for Farmers’ Market Vendors and the Cottage Food Industries is a workshop designed to teach the basics of food safety and regulations for processing acidified foods in Mississippi. Whether you have a business that you wish to expand, enter new market avenues, or you are just in the planning stages, the ACF Training will be helpful to you. Participants completing the ACF workshop and scoring a satisfactory grade on the exams can then receive the training highly recommended for processors who process and sell acidified canned foods. This training and certificate do not allow you to sell wholesale, at a retail establishment, over the Internet, or mail order. For this, you are required to attend the Better Process Control School training (early summer schedule). A General Farmer’s Market Food Safety Training will also take place after the ACF Course. This training session is highly recommended for all processed food vendors that attend Mississippi Certified Farmers’ Markets or sell at their farm, etc. Please refer to the new Cottage Food Law for details.



9:00 am Welcome
9:15 am-Farmer’s Market Food Safety Class
10:30 am- Acidified Canned Foods class

You must attend the entire class to receive your certificate. There will be a final exam for the Acidified Canned Foods class. As a special service, you may bring samples of your products for free preliminary pH testing and/or your recipes for free and confidential product development assistance.
Who should attend?

Food processors, who can acidified foods, such as pickles, salsas, dessert sauces, pickled eggs, tomatoes or other acidified food products for sale in Mississippi Certified Farmers’ Markets (farmers’ markets that are certified by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce) or qualify as a Cottage Food Industry are highly encouraged to attend an acidified canned foods training course. Successful completion of this training will help to ensure your product is both legal and safe.

To determine if the farmer’s market you wish to attend is certified by the MDAC, check with the farmer’s market manager or visit

Registration is

Montgomery County Ext Office

618 Summit Street
Winona , MS 38967

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